With different watches comes different straps and band designs all in introduced in an effort to make it suitable for different folks with different needs and preferences. These differences in watch strap designs arise from the fact that different individuals feel a certain level of comfort and convenience with different types of straps that a watch may come with. So with this latest development in watch strap designs, it therefore becomes a great deal of importance to always research and know which strap of watch that you are most comfortable wearing even before you go looking for a nice par of wrist watch to buy. So in this article, we will run through the various types of watch straps available and when to opt for them including the best looking watches under 200.

Leather Straps – this is perhaps one of the most popular types of watch band that have ever existed. A lot of people have come to love leather watch bands for a number of reasons including the fact that it is super comfortable round the wrist, very durable and also very customizable to match with whatever attire that you have on. These types of design in watch straps is mainly favorite when looking for watch for use in formal occasions such as job interviews, board meetings and so on. They work and blend well when using them corporate outfits such as suit, shirts with ties.
The downside with them is that they tend to be a little tight round the wrist and can often result in skin reaction and irritation. A good work around this is to make more holes so that it can hang freely round your wrist just enough to secure it without unnecessarily tightening your wrist.

Rubber Straps – second to the leather watch straps just discussed above is the rubber watch straps. This is also very popular and widely used by both men and women. There are numerous reasons why folks prefer this type of watch bands. A few of such reasons include the fact that they are very flexible, cheap and affordable plus they are also easy to replace worn-out ones with new bands. These types of watch bands are best used or are suitable for sporting activities and outdoor adventures including; running, jogging, swimming, hiking, cycling and for keep track of time in the gym. It can also be used for work only that such work must not be in formal setting else your watch will look odd and out of lace.

Chain Bracelet – the last but not the least of watch straps is the chain bracelets. These are generally designed and crafted using stainless steel materials to ensure that it last longer and also serve the user better. These kind of watch straps are not commonly used by many for a number of reasons including reasons that they may be awfully uncomfortable round wrist especially for those having hairy arms as the hairs tend to continuously get caught in the chain bracelet thus resulting in uncomfortable pinching of the wearers arm. It is also very expensive (at least the durable ones) and will usually experience it when shopping around for best watches for under 1000.